At-home Videos

Beside the in-class videos, Rolling Fun has built more online videos to support kids and families. We call these video the at-home videos to differentiate with the in-class videos. 

The at-home videos are freely accessible by everyone.

The in-class videos are only accessible with a provided login.

The toolkit used in our at-home online videos is available here. For more recipes, please access our existing Rice Paper Rolls recipes.

The listed at-home videos are also available in our YouTube Rolling Fun channel

Video: Three Ways To Cut Cucumber For Rice Paper Rolls

Cucumber is one of the most popular fresh vegetables in rice paper roll recipes. This video shows you three ways to cut cucumber for rice paper rolls. 

Video: Two Simplest Dipping Sauces for Rice Paper Rolls.

The video below shows you the two simplest dipping sauces, the Hoisin dipping sauce and the Vietnam-Central- area authentic dipping fish sauce. The video shortly mentions an important characteristic of Vietnamese dipping sauce, the deconstructed dipping sauce. Please see this blog for more fun facts of the rice paper rolls dipping sauce.

Episode 8 shows you how to cut carrots to make fresh and yummy rice paper rolls. Carrot is one of the main ingredients in rice paper rolls recipes.

Episode 7 shows the best toolkit sets to make rice paper rolls. It includes the normal size 22 cm Rice Paper Roll Maker toolkit set (R22 Family-pack), and the smaller size 16cm Rice Paper Roll Maker set (R16 Mobile-pack). The smaller size maker set is often used to make the mini rice paper rolls or cocktail-size salad rolls.

Episode 6 introduces the best books about making Vietnamese cuisine rolls. The video featured a chef, the author of the book Vietnamese Street Food, Tracey Lister. 

Episode 5 focuses on ingredients that are for the gluten-free diet. Those items are non-perishable items in a family’s pantry.

Episode 4 shows the pantry ingredients to make rice paper rolls. These are the non-perishable items that you can buy and store in your family’s pantry.

Episode 3 presents the taste of the herbs introduced in episode 2. You will know the taste of the herbs to design the favorite flavors of your rice paper rolls.

Episode 2 shows popular herbs used in making the Vietnamese cuisine rice paper rolls. It introduces where you can buy the herbs for just one or two meals, or herb plants for whole year round of making the fresh rolls.

Episode 1 presents the topic of our Rolling Fun online classes – how to make and master the Vietnamese cuisine rice paper rolls.