The first Rolling Fun show of music and food in a Kinder class

After the first musical-only performance with the zither of Vietnam for kids in a Kinder class, we learned that kids had lots of curiosity and interest in the musical instrument. The whole class wanted to touch and have a trial play. We decided to conduct the next session of the music with the healthy food […]


The very first Rolling Fun musical performance of the Zither of Vietnam in Kinder class

After three weeks of internal rehearsals, Rolling Fun decided to conduct the first musical-only performance of the zither of Vietnam in front of a Kinder class. It was a Friday morning. Kids had full of excited activities on the day waiting for them: book-story characters and sportive program. We walked in the room. And just […]


Rolling Fun and music from the plucked zither of Vietnam

Music has its own power. It makes people cry, happy, or excited, or feel emotional about a new thing. Rolling Fun thinks about adding more fun to its workshop with music. And last week Rolling Fun just had the second internal rehearsal session with a traditional Vietnamese musical instrument. It was the sounds from “Dan […]


Kids Like Monsters?

Monster is a very popular concept to our kids nowadays. It is the result of imagination, together with fairy, dragon, superhero…From recent books and movies, children now think that there are good monsters and bad monsters. In our Rolling Fun workshops, we had used “person” images to illustrate the overweight and obese problem as a […]


Practice Makes Perfect- a small innovation

After seeing the demonstration of rolling rice paper rolls with real ingredients, kids are excited to get hands on to make their own food. They observe the simple steps with a familiar rhythm in a 3-step Rolling Fun’s song, and keen to apply the learnt steps right away. However, some children still hesitate to make […]


Children love poem and the Rolling Fun workshop does too

Fiji. Jan 2018. A big group of kids were singing and dancing in a lagoon in front of me. They were so happy, and all parents joined the happy time. It was in Fiji Time, No Worry – No Hurry. The instructor was talking like rapping. He probably has talked a thousand times with kids […]


Kids sing a song to make a rice paper roll

It was a sunny Sunday morning at the end of Feb 2017. Mr. Duong.L. and I sat in my home kitchen to enjoy a cup of cappuccino and discussed about a song’s lyrics. Mr. Duong.L is not a musician or a singer, but he is very good at playing piano and guitar, as well as […]

Rainbow rice paper roll recipe for kids - initial version

Healthy veggie rice paper roll for kids

One day, a carer in my little boy Do-Do’s childcare asked me if I was working in the food industry. I was surprised and curious to ask her why. She was looking for a parent who could help her to show kids how to cook something from the family’s culture. “OK, I can do it. […]