A new service model: educators and teachers run Rolling Fun workshops

We are ready for the Futureschools Expo.

To participate in this Expo, we also starts to introduce a new service model for Rolling Fun. We temporarily called it “Carers / Teachers Run Workshops”.

Comparing to the Incursion model, this new model has more advantages:

1- It reduces cost for school, and so students and their parents.

2- It increases flexibility in teaching and integrating different objectives for teachers in the primary schools and carers in the ELCs.

3- It could reach to schools that Rolling Fun incursion service gets difficult to reach due to travel distance.

Like our Incursion model, we still try to achieve the mission in our Rolling Fun workshop:

Mess-Free, Fresh, Easy, Yummy and Fun.

This link will show more details of the new service for the Foundation- Year 2.

This link will show more details of the new service for the Kinder.

We work with vegetables suppliers to source directly fresh ingredients to schools, including raw vegetables and fruits, and fresh-cut ones. We also take the opportunity of the Expo to introduce a new Rice Paper Roll Maker Set small size for kids.  This set is for rice paper size 16cm, suitable for kids and family to bring it with them when they travel.