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Rollingfun fact: Are there many shapes & sizes for rice paper?

Do you know that a rice paper comes in different shapes and sizes! Lets dive into the world of these amazingly thin translucent sheets. In the past, rice papers were made manually by hand with a steam pot. The steam pot often has a rounded shape. After the sheets were moulded in the steaming pot, […]

Spring Rolls book by Bui Thi Suong

Rolling Fun fact: Spring rolls and rice paper rolls: two different foods.

Rice paper rolls are sometimes called spring rolls by many people. But spring roll is an entirely different food called Chả Giò (Cha Gio) or Nem (the Vietnamese name for spring rolls). It is a deep fried pastry roll filled with meat, prawn, vegetable,… It’s another well known food to Vietnam. According to Bui Thi […]

Rolling Fun - young students make veggie rice paper roll

Rollingfun fact: Rice Paper Roll and it’s many different names.

In Vietnamese, rice paper roll is known as Goi Cuon. The rice paper roll has followed the immigration flow of Vietnamese people to countries around the world. Bustling with flavours, colours and textures these rolls comprise of various ingredients. The roll is usually filled with prawn, pork or smoked salmon while its vegetarian counterparts are packed […]

Rice Paper Roll as a snack

Fun fact: Rice paper roll, is it a family meal or street food?

Nowadays, these fresh rice paper rolls are readily available in Asian food stores or restaurants on the street. It is a part of family meal in Vietnam, that has now transformed into “ready to eat” convenient snack for food businesses. I believe that rice paper roll originated from Vietnamese farmer families who used fresh ingredients […]

Fun workshop welcomes the spring in a Full Moon Festival

After our Rolling Fun workshops were conducted in classes in a primary school, a student’s mother who runs the Foodie Trails business invited Rolling Fun to participate in her business’s food event. It was the Full Moon Festival in the Dandenong Market. It is Spring time, so Rolling Fun was there with people to welcome […]

A member of La Trobe Accelerator Program and EduGrowth

What a very good news for this week! After a video pitch and an interview by a big panel, Rolling Fun has secured a ticket to officially go into the La Trobe Accelerator Program Cohort #4 (2019). With intensive 12-week support, the program will help us take the Rolling Fun service to a next level. […]


Entering the first accelerator program

Waaahoooooh. Rolling Fun enters the Accelerator Program from La Trobe University. This is the 2019 cohort #4. We are not the first generation of startups supported by the university, therefore we will obtain experiences from previous cohorts.  The program firstly starts with Primer stage, then businesses do a pitch to go to the official accelerator […]


Healthy Food Restaurant by Foundation Students

What an amazing idea from the teachers from Blackrock primary school!  A Healthy Food Restaurant was formed by foundation students to serve fresh yummy and healthy food for their special guests: their parents and grandparents. 280 rice paper rolls were made to serve for about 140 people. This was the second time that Rolling Fun […]


Rolling Fun puppetry

Have been working with thousand young kids, we have found that puppetry is the most loved activity in our workshops. Kids smile, laugh, engage and learn naturally. If there is no time limitation, our Rolling Fun workshop might lengthen to hours with this interactive session. We had tried to build the puppetry characters with our […]

Partnership with a diet-nutrition business

Rolling Fun proudly announces our first partnership with a diet-nutrition business. Marie-France is a dietitian-nutritionist. She is the founder of Fussy Eater Solutions, offering consulting service to support fussy eaters and their families. The partnership will strengthen the business of both parties, and bring more benefits to our customers, especially kids and families. To see […]