Category: Ingredients

Does the workshop provide a dipping sauce for students?

No, we do not provide dipping sauces for students in the workshop. Kids take home tool kits, so they can create rolls at home with preferred sauces with their parents. Recipes to make sauces for rice paper rolls are available at our website  

What brand of vermicelli noodles are used in the recipes?

The vermicelli noodle’s brand is Chang’s, available in Coles, Woolworths or IGA. The vermicelli is gluten-free.

What brand of rice paper is used in the recipes?

Rolling Fun uses rice paper wrapper Valcom, available in Coles. This rice paper wrapper is gluten free. Each bag has 25 units.

Where do you buy the ingredients in the recipes?

Rolling Fun often purchases fresh ingredients from Coles, Woolworths or IGA. If a vegetable is not available from the stores above, we will buy it from local vegetable shops.

Are the ingredients are Gluten-free?

Yes, Our Rice paper wrapper and rice vermicelli noodles are both gluten-free.