Fun fact: Rice paper roll, is it a family meal or street food?

Nowadays, these fresh rice paper rolls are readily available in Asian food stores or restaurants on the street. It is a part of family meal in Vietnam, that has now transformed into “ready to eat” convenient snack for food businesses. I believe that rice paper roll originated from Vietnamese farmer families who used fresh ingredients to create the most authentic and popular recipe which is now used throughout the world. In family meal, rice paper roll, Goi Cuon, is served as DIY food. Ingredients are assembled in sharing plates and everyone makes their own rolls by selecting their own flavours. According to Bui Thi Suong in her book, rice paper roll, for many Vietnamese, is one of the most simple but enjoyable dishes.

Edited by Anika Lodha.

Rice Paper Roll as a snack
Rice paper roll is served as a snack
Rice Paper Roll as a banquet meal
Rice paper roll is as family meal