Healthy Food Restaurant by Foundation Students

What an amazing idea from the teachers from Blackrock primary school! 

A Healthy Food Restaurant was formed by foundation students to serve fresh yummy and healthy food for their special guests: their parents and grandparents. 280 rice paper rolls were made to serve for about 140 people.

This was the second time that Rolling Fun had a chance to work with the primary school to build the one-day Healthy Food Restaurant in the very interesting learning and teaching concept by the teachers. Seventy (70) young students in four Foundation classes were immersed in Rolling-Fun art forms to learn about healthy eating and making yummy rainbow rice paper rolls. Then each student made four (4) rolls for them and their special guests to join at the end of each workshop.

Students took home a tool kit, the rice paper tray, so that they can continue making the yummy food at home.

The biggest impression was the achievement of the young students and the engagement and support from their parents for the class activities.