Healthy veggie rice paper roll for kids

One day, a carer in my little boy Do-Do’s childcare asked me if I was working in the food industry. I was surprised and curious to ask her why. She was looking for a parent who could help her to show kids how to cook something from the family’s culture.

“OK, I can do it. I will show kids to roll a rice paper roll in a very easy way.” She doubted if I could do it for young kids. I encouraged her that I have rolled for about 30 years in my eating life. And surely kids could copy what I do.
This recipe was born for that reason. It is very simple. And kids love it.

-Rice Paper

-Vegetables: Carrot, cucumber, Red capsicum, Green capsicum, Yellow capsicum, Lettuce, Apple.
Rice paper is available in Coles or Woolworths stores in the Asian section.

[Re-post for Nov. 2016]