Kids Like Monsters?

Monster is a very popular concept to our kids nowadays. It is the result of imagination, together with fairy, dragon, superhero…From recent books and movies, children now think that there are good monsters and bad monsters.

In our Rolling Fun workshops, we had used “person” images to illustrate the overweight and obese problem as a result of unhealthy eating and no-exercising habit. We received several feedback from the teachers for this direct approach.

We internally discussed the issue in our team to get a better way. Our graphic designer Ella K. also recalled a bad experience from her friend for the direct approach. Then we came up with the concept of monsters: overweight monster and obese monster.

We worked with a group of kids from Kinder level to Grade Six to evaluate the drawings. We found that kids are more imaginative than us the adults in the monster world.  

These monsters only appear for a minute or two in our Rolling Fun lesson plan in one-hour workshop. They could be captured and interpreted by children within about 30 seconds.