Learning Outcomes From Rolling Fun through a Kinder Educator Leader’s View

ELC educators often conduct activities for kids in their centres accordingly to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). All the outcomes will be recorded or reflected in a record book daily for the achievements of the day for kids’ learning.

EYLF defines kids as the center of teaching – learning activities. It shifts the target from teaching – teacher’s focus, to the learning – kids’ focus. What each kid in an educating activity achieved through their learning is more important. Kids’ learning achievement means the teachers’ teaching achievements.

Although Rolling Fun service for Kinder was originally built on the first day with the advice from an ELC director, the core activity has been modified and added with more benefits for kids’ learning and teachers’ teaching. The service has received good feedback from the carers and teachers; but the written comments were often short.

However, in a recent workshop, we have received a full reflection from Melissa, the Kinder-room leader from an ELC. This reflection was recorded in her room-teaching book, and was shown to parents. From Melissa’s view the Rolling Fun workshop has brought

“Learning outcome: Children have a strong sense of well being, maintaining physical healthy from healthy eating choices, finding connection with the wider community, acknowledgment of cultures”.

This is the truly good validation for our Rolling Fun workshop. We cannot be happier. And we will get more full reflections from other schools.