Rolling Fun for families and community offers toolkit with video classes

It is just one week to the school holiday. Almost families keep their kids at home for safety. Social distance applies to the social gathering. Each family becomes an island where family time makes around the clock on week days. Rolling Fun changes its studio from class-oriented education setup to a new setup to bring benefits to the families and community.

The new setup reflects the theme of cooking classes, but in a broader view.

We want to run videos so that families and community feel connected through these classes. We want to provide online activities so that families and kids can have a good time and fun at home. Rolling Fun hopes to make the life better during this difficult time due to Coronavirus COVID-19.

Children and parents will learn to make and enjoy fresh and yummy food. It is not a single roll but a rice paper roll banquet for the whole family.  Each family will learn and create its own unique recipe to suit the family’s flavour and taste.

We target to build multiple videos to cover all things you want to know about rice paper rolls.

To make a tool kit accessible to everyone, we deliver to family’s door a simple tool kit at a very affordable price: just about $5

It is almost the same cost to buy a rice paper roll in a shop, or a small toilet roll pack. Magically, your family can make a dozen, even hundreds of fresh rice paper rolls.

With the video classes and tool kit, we set the business of Rolling Fun for families and community benefits in the chaotic time.

It is only $5.45, free delivery for Australian address. 

You can buy the tool kit at this link. 

The videos will be available in our Facebook page and Rolling Fun YouTube channel.


Rolling Fun Studio Setup for Education