Rolling Fun might bring benefits to the community of disability

We were lucky to meet some special delegates in the educational FutureSchools Expo when they visited our stall. They advised us that our program would bring some benefits to the community of people with disability. This is because the significant design of the workshop where there is no need for cooking and cutting and heating, and just focus on rolling and having fun to make yummy rice paper rolls with the special tool sets. 

Following the advice, we went to the SourceKids Disability Expo in Melbourne last Saturday (30th Mar 19) to understand the community. We met many exhibitors whose businesses offer the services and products to families and kids with disability, including a program from the Deakin university – Deakin Child Study Centre. Through the discussion, Rolling Fun might have the opportunity to serve the community.

It reminded us that last year we ran five workshops for the Essex Heights primary school which there were special students in the classes. And on last Monday (1st April) we ran workshops in Karoo primary school where there were two special students. They showed the interest and enjoyed the activities in the workshops.

It is still too early to say that our Rolling Fun could serve well the community, but we will put it into our business agenda, so that we can bring the right benefits to this community.