Rolling Fun puppetry

Have been working with thousand young kids, we have found that puppetry is the most loved activity in our workshops. Kids smile, laugh, engage and learn naturally. If there is no time limitation, our Rolling Fun workshop might lengthen to hours with this interactive session.

We had tried to build the puppetry characters with our designer. First try happened with the red capsicum, and we found that it was very challenging process.

We had applied for a funding from Art Victoria to develop further this benefit for kids. However there were many more better focused art projects out there so we failed. We decided to pause the development and use the existing design.

Until one day, with my young kids, I was lucky to see a show organised by the GlenEira council for kids in school holiday.

It was a puppetry show by Dream Puppets. This is one of the masters of puppetry performance in the planet. It is a popular name in Australia. They have traveled around the world to perform their unique design and style: Japan, South Korea, Italy, Argentina, just to name a few.

I have met Julia and Richard, the two artists behind the Dream Puppets to learn about the art of puppetry. They have extensive 25 years of experience in developing storytelling through puppetry.

And here we are, our next version of Rolling Fun puppetry characters for vegetables and fruits in our unique rainbow rice paper roll recipe.