Rollingfun fact: Rice Paper Roll and it’s many different names.

In Vietnamese, rice paper roll is known as Goi Cuon. The rice paper roll has followed the immigration flow of Vietnamese people to countries around the world. Bustling with flavours, colours and textures these rolls comprise of various ingredients. The roll is usually filled with prawn, pork or smoked salmon while its vegetarian counterparts are packed with mushrooms or tofu. With a backdrop of veggies, these are wrapped in “banh trang” which is another name for rice paper. It is freshly served at room temperature or sometimes cold with the flavours intact.

Due to its popularity around the world, its name has been transformed according to the regions where its sold and modified in line with the local tastes. For instance, in North America, it is often referred to as “crystal roll”, “spring roll”, or “fresh spring roll”. Additionally in Europe, one will find it as a salad roll. In Australia and the United States, these are known as “Vietnamese Spring rolls”, although specific to Australia, these are oftentimes referred to as “summer roll” or “cold roll”. Whatever the name is, people see the food and understand that they are all rice paper rolls or Goi Cuon. Rest assured, a lovely concoction of healthy elements, this superfood will never fail to appease your taste buds.

Edited by Anika Lodha.

Different names of rice paper roll around the world.

Writer: Anika Lodha