The first Rolling Fun show of music and food in a Kinder class

After the first musical-only performance with the zither of Vietnam for kids in a Kinder class, we learned that kids had lots of curiosity and interest in the musical instrument. The whole class wanted to touch and have a trial play.


We decided to conduct the next session of the music with the healthy food in a different childcare centre. This was the whole performing arts program for kids, combining poetry, puppetry, songs, music, culinary artisanal education, and healthy food learning.


We discussed in advance with Melissa and Denis, the educators in the room, to get their advice and opinions to see how the music benefit to kids. Melissa revealed a fact that in her room 30 children were very good at sounds and music. They would recognize quickly the popular tunes and songs. “Bring it in, we will see it and give you feedback to make it better!”, she said.


The workshop was booked. It was on Thursday morning. The first ever workshop happened for an hour with the music from the zither of Vietnam and the healthy food. Kids immersed in performing arts, fun and yummy food.


At the end of the show, after some value feedback, Denise smiled with a comment. “This was an extremely well thought out presentation covering all aspects of children senses and engaged them from beginning to end.