The very first Rolling Fun musical performance of the Zither of Vietnam in Kinder class

After three weeks of internal rehearsals, Rolling Fun decided to conduct the first musical-only performance of the zither of Vietnam in front of a Kinder class.

It was a Friday morning. Kids had full of excited activities on the day waiting for them: book-story characters and sportive program. We walked in the room. And just after a minute or two, fifteen kids were sitting quietly, settled down in front of us to experience a new thing. Their educators said that there would be a new musical instrument to perform for them to sing. They were so curious about that.


When Anh Vu, the musician in the Vietnamese dress “the Ao Dai”, sit down with the zither in her hands, a kid right away shouted “it looks cool. What’s its name?”. From that point of time, I knew that the whole focus was on the musical instrument.


We shortly introduced the instrument in poetic form. And then Anh Vu played the music for songs “Daddy finger”, and “The wheels on the bus” for them to guess the song name. Finally, the whole class sang the two songs with the music from the instrument.

We ended the show with Q&A for kids. There were lots of questions from them.


Surprisingly, kids asked us to allow them to try to play the instruments. They wanted to touch and play it. Their fingers flied on sixteen strings; musical sounds mixed with kids’ laughs.