We learned a lot from the Expo

Rolling Fun attended the FutureSchools Expo in Melbourne last week. We initially intended to fully present our workshop’s benefits to the visitors. However, after meeting many delegates from the schools around Australia in the morning on the first day, we decided to switch to the listening mode. We focused on listening instead of presenting. 

We got some lucky points from the Expo. With the ABC alphabet order, Rolling Fun name was lucky to be at the top position in the third column on the Exhibitor’s board displaying at the entrance of the Expo. 

Other luck was that our stall was allocated in the intersection of walking paths in the Expo ground.  Attendees walked by and paid attention by the music sounds, by the Dan-Tranh musical instrument, the poster, and especially the Aodai. 

I also took time to walk around and visited other exhibitors, big ones and small ones, to learn how they did marketing and selling for their products and services.

A teacher came to our stall on the second day while I was there with the dress “the Aodai” and said “I saw you in this dress yesterday walking around the Expo, and I did not know why in the Education Expo, there was this man with this dress. Now I came here and totally understood why.” Our Rolling Fun service was quite unique in the Expo, offering a package of intercultural capability and healthy eating through art immersion and rolling fun Rice Paper Rolls. 

Besides teachers and the schools leaders, we were also lucky to meet and discuss with delegates from other different organisations in Education sector, which we could not imagine that we would have opportunities to talk to them. And we had a luck to talk to many teachers from the neighbor country New Zealand.

With the listening mode, we have learnt a lot. It helps us build a plan to develop and offer more benefits to the schools in the future. 

It was a great success for Rolling Fun after the 2-day expo!