Workshop During Covid-19

Rolling Fun offers the hybrid model of school and home during the Covid-19. Students learn several topics with their teachers in classes and practice to make paper rolls with the toolkit. They then take home the toolkit set and make the real rice paper rolls recipes at home with their parents. With this model, the whole family benefits from what the students have learnt in the classes.

Rolling Fun Hybrid Model- Details

In The Class:

There are four video sessions presenting different topics, including cultural aspects, healthy eating theory, and practical steps. Teachers could spend more time on the topics which students are interested in. Students can practice to make a simulated food paper rolls with a paper wrapper.

At home:

There are multiple videos for kids and family to master making the rice paper rolls. Kids and family will practice to make the real rice paper rolls with real recipes.

"Thank you so much for dropping off the boxes, they are fantastic! The videos are great."
Teacher, Black Rock PS