Workshop During Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, we stop running the Rolling Fun incursion workshops. We’ve instead designed a new hybrid model to adapt to a new learning environment. The new model has brought benefits to school, educators, young students, and families. Kids enjoy fun times, learn good food and have a touch of culture.

Rolling Fun offers the hybrid model of school and home learning during the Covid-19. Rolling Fun toolkit sets and online videos are provided so that educators, students, and families all get benefits. The workshops are self-run by the educators in the classes with the support from the provided online videos.

It’s up to the educators and parents to organise real-food recipes or simulated food for practicing in the classes.  

With the real-food recipes (prepared by the educators and/or families), kids totally experience the workshop: learn, make, and taste many fresh rice paper rolls. 

With the simulated food, students learn several topics with their teachers in the class and practice to make paper rolls with the toolkit sets. They then take home the toolkit set and make the real rice paper rolls recipes at home with their parents. 

For both settings, the whole family always benefits from what the students have learnt in the class about rice paper rolls. Not only young learners master it, but also the whole family will master it.

See this link for our Rolling Fun Edu toolkit sets.

Rolling Fun Healthy Eating Hybrid Model- Details

The supporting online videos include in-class videos and at-home videos.

Videos In The Class:

See our Intro video below for the Rolling Fun video sessions in the class.

There are four video sessions presenting different topics, including cultural aspects, healthy eating theory, and practical steps. The forth session demonstrates step by step how to make a rainbow veggie and fruit rice paper roll. Teachers could spend more time with students on interesting topics. 

Students have two phases of practicing, making paper rolls with simulated food with special designed paper wrappers, and making real-food rice paper rolls (depending on the settings by the educators).

It requires login to access the in-class videos.

These in-class videos have been validated by an expert panel, including a specialist teacher, a nutritionist and dietitian, and a nutrition team from National Health and Medical Research Council (for using the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating).

Videos At home:

There are multiple videos for kids and families to master making the rice paper rolls. Kids and family will practice making the real rice paper rolls with real recipes. Creativity by kids to make their own recipes and rolls will be unlimited.

The at-home videos are freely accessed in our website by kids and families.

"...Thank you so much for the boxes, they are fantastic! The videos are great..."
Foundation Teacher, Black Rock PS