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Rolling Fun - Rice Paper Roll Maker Set
Rolling Fun - Rainbow Rice Paper Roll recipe

Kids learn quickly and deeply new things through arts and play-based activities.

Rolling Fun follows this approach to transfer the message of healthy eating to kids and to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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Freshly made,

With just water,

Anytime, anyplace,

You are a roll’s master!

The Overweight monster is making more friends with kids

In 2014–15, the overweight monster made friends with 1 in 5 children aged 5–17...
And the monster keeps continuing.

The Obese monster is making more friends with kids

In 2014–15, the obese monster made friends with 1 in 14 children aged 5-17...
And the monster keeps continuing.

Our Rolling Fun Arts Include:

  • Poetry - We run the whole workshop in poetry form. Kids learn faster through the rhythm and rhymes in language.
  • Visual Arts - Images and drawings are used to illustrate the learning content. Kids can visualize the subjects while they are listening.​
  • Music - Music is in the background for the other arts forms. We perform the zither of Vietnam (limited available on certain days of the week).​
  • Songs - We use popular tunes to show kids the recipe, the benefits of colourful vegetables, and the steps to make a rice paper roll.
  • Puppetry - This play-based learning mode allows kids to totally engage in the learning activity.
Rolling Fun Art components

Our Rolling Fun Workshops:


No Cooking & Healthy Recipes

All the fresh, healthy and colourful ingredients are prepared in advance and put in a tray for kids to make rolls. There is no need of cutting, cooking, or heating.

Just Rolling & Freshly Made

Kids just select flavors from the ingredient plate, rolling with their own hands and then taste their first self-made yummy roll. They are so happy to see their outcome and eat their first rolls.


Easy & Fun With Tools & Songs

Kids use specialized tools to make their rolls. These tools with simple and fun songs ensure kids find rolling task fun and easy. Our goal is that after the workshop kids will confidently say "Yeah, It is easy. I can do it".

We are now a member of La Trobe Accelerator Program and EduGrowth:

EduGrowth Australia

“What a different and fun inclusion for the students.!” 

Mel J.,  Foundation teacher

“…This was an extremely well thought out presentation covering all aspects of children senses and engaged them from beginning to end.”

Denise, ELC Kinder educator

“Fantastic! Children had a great time. Thank you!”

Abbey, Foundation Coordinator.


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E: info@rollingfun.com.au

Add: PO Box 378 Bentleigh East, VIC, 3165