Foundation – Year 2

Kids get hands-on experience to make Rice Paper Rolls. They also learn Vietnamese culture through visual arts, food origin, traditional costume, and a musical instrument – the zither of Vietnam. The whole package of arts, culture, and healthy food brings education and fun to kids in play-based learning approach. Kids also take home the tool kit to continue their journey in making fresh and yummy rice paper rolls.


Curriculum - Foundation to Year 2

Cross-curriculum priorities:

-Learning about Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.

Design and technologies – Food Specialisations:

“Explore how food is selected and prepared for healthy eating” (VCDSTC016).


1. Exploring the tools, equipment and techniques used to prepare food safely and hygienically for healthy eating.

2. Exploring how people from different cultures including those of Asia design and produce different cuisines based on the plants and animals in their region and available tools and equipment.

Intercultural Capability – Cultural Practices:

“Identify what is familiar and what is different in the ways culturally diverse individuals and families live.” (VCICCB001)