Teachers Run Workshops

Practical and low-cost workshop

In this model, we transfer all techniques, lessons learned and materials to enable you as a teacher to run the workshops yourself. You can flexibly run it multiple times for different classes in your school. All the educational materials are available online via our website, i.e. videos, presentations, instruction materials…etc.

There are also options to assist with ingredient preparation (1) ingredient readiness, and (2) rice paper roll maker sets.

* This cost depends on market price of vegetables and fruits, tools used in a workshop and tool for kids to take home.

Note: Due to Covid-19, we stop running the Rolling Fun incursion workshop. Instead, we provide toolkit sets and online videos so that the educators can self-run the workshops for your young learners.

Please see our workshop-during-Covid-19 section for more details.

Mess-Free. Easy. Fun

Fresh Ingredients

Our rainbow rice paper roll recipe includes red capsicum, yellow capsicum, pink lady apple, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, purple lettuce, carrot, and blueberry.

Non-perishable ingredients: gluten-free rice paper wrapper, gluten-free vermicelli (optional).

Ingredients are sourced directly from well-known suppliers to your school. We support teachers to get raw ingredients or ready-to-roll ingredients. There is no middle-man cost.

We often estimate the ingredients for each student to make 2-4 rolls.

Fresh raw ingredients

Student learns food preparation tasks.
Suppliers are available to deliver fresh ingredients directly to schools.
Cost varies due to seasons and the number of students.


Fresh ready-to-roll ingredients

No preparation task is required.
Students focus on making the rolls.
Suppliers are available to deliver fresh-cut ingredients directly to schools.
Cost varies due to seasons and the number of students.

Rice Paper Roll Maker Sets

Students use the maker set at class, then take home.

Each student uses his/her own rice paper roll maker set.

The rice paper roll maker set includes 01 rice paper water bowl (white plastic) and 01 rice paper tray (22cm).

A workshop can be run anytime, anywhere.

After the workshop in the class, the students take home the maker sets to use at home.

Other workshop materials