Incursion For Kinder

We offer incursion to your Early Learning Centre. We provide and prepare everything for the workshops: ingredients, tools, kids’ apron and hat, tableware, hand sanitizer,…

Your students will be immersed in multiple art forms and cultural factors to learn about basic healthy eating in vegetables and fruits, then they enjoy making and tasting 7-colour rainbow rice paper rolls. At then end of the day, they take home a tool kit to practice making more rice paper rolls at home.

  • 45 - 60 minutes
  • Class size: up to 25 kids
  • Tools at class: rice paper roll maker set
  • Recipe: rainbow vegetables and fruits rice paper roll
  • Art forms: poetry, song, puppetry, music
  • Take-home tool: rice paper tray
  • Dress code: the Ao Dai (Rolling Fun staff), apron and chef hat for kids