"My foundation class and I really enjoyed our Rolling Fun incursion. It started with an informative talk about the culture of rice paper rolls, but in a way that was fun and appropriate to young children in the class. The children loved dressing up in their aprons & chef hats. I did too! The experience of making + then eating rice paper rolls was new to many of the students. There were many smiling, happy children the whole hour. Thank you!!"
Vanessa G.
Prep Teacher
“An excellent and well presented demonstration of rice paper roll making. The children were engaged with the addition of traditional music and singing. The extra touch of the aprons and chef hats made the children feel like chefs, and the songs helped the children to remember the process of making rice paper rolls. Thank you for a fun and tasty morning. I would highly recommended this program for the future.”
Emma F.
Kinder Teacher
“..Hung used familiar children's songs in changing some of the words, so that children can remember the steps in making rice paper rolls. Children have learned about healthy eating and some life skills in making their own food! Thank you Hung for sharing your culture and engaging children with such a FANTABULOUS rolling fun”
Kinder Educator
"The music was such a lovely way to capture the children's attention as well as showing us aspects of their culture... The best part for the children was they were able to eat straight away and they definitely enjoyed the crunchy delights... Learning outcome: Children have a strong sense of well being, maintaining physical healthy from healthy eating choices, finding connection with the wider community, acknowledgment of cultures".
Room Educator Leader
"Great presentation ! Terrific incursion! I loved the incursion. It tied in with our healthy eating here in our room and reinforces the fact that we should be incorporating vegetables /fruits in our diet. I love the fact that children get a plastic tray home, and hopefully teach the parents, so they can make score at home."
Room Educator Leader
"Hung had a great time teaching the children one of their favorite snacks: sushi and rice paper rolls. The children were engaged and happy making his recipes and getting to know the importance of eating vegetables. The children had the choice to make their individual rolls and sushi, using cucumber carrot or capsicum or any other combination of vegetables."
Amandeep K.
Room Educator Leader

We do piece by piece to make the Rolling Fun service better. All teachers and young learners have contributed to the success of the program. And because of that, we do not call our customers as the customers, we’d love to call them as our co-creators.