Edu Toolkit

Class-oriented Edu toolkit

The image below shows the Rolling Fun class-oriented Edu toolkit box for young students in primary schools. Each box is for 5 students at a table in a Rolling Fun workshop. Each student uses its own Rice Paper Tray and practical materials. Five kids share a Rice Paper water bowl. After the workshop, each student takes home the tray to continue making the food at home.

The toolkit box includes:

-01 Rice Paper water bowl

-05 Rice Paper trays

-05 practical papers

-05 sets of practical pieces as simulated food

-01 small bag of raw rice

The students go through four sessions in a Rolling Fun workshop. Before making real food rice paper rolls, kids practice to make paper rolls. The practical step with paper rolls establishes a properly confident level for students to make the real rolls. See the short intro for the workshop here.

Rolling Fun - young students make veggie rice paper roll

Home-oriented Edu toolkit

Homeschooling has happened due to the Coronavirus crisis. Rolling Fun changes the class-oriented Edu toolkit to home-oriented one. Kids learn the workshop at home with their parents. The toolkit sets are shipped to families. Kids might learn the workshop with their parents in family’s kitchen to prepare fresh rice paper rolls as the meal for lunch.

The image below shows the home-oriented Edu toolkit.

To upgrade to the Rice Paper Roll Maker set for the whole family, parents just need to buy an extra 4-pack Rice Paper trays.

Rolling Fun home-oriented Edu toolkit
Rolling Fun home-educated toolkit