Carers Run Workshops

Low-cost workshop*

In this model, we transfer all techniques, lessons learned and materials to enable you as an educator in a childcare centre to run the workshops yourself. You can flexibly run it multiple times for your centre. All the educational materials are available online via our website, i.e. videos, presentations, instruction materials…etc.

There are also options to assist with (1) ingredient purchase, and (2) rice paper roll maker sets.

* This cost depends on market price of vegetables and fruits, tools used in a workshop and tool for kids to take home.

Note: Due to Covid-19, we stop running the Rolling Fun incursion workshop. Instead, we provide toolkit sets and online videos so that the educators can self-run the workshops for your young learners in ELCs.

Please see our workshop-during-Covid-19 section for more details.

Mess-Free. Easy. Fun

Fresh Raw Ingredients

Carers often want to integrate different learning outcomes through food preparation tasks (washing, peeling, cutting...)
Or your centre's chef helps you cut freshly the ingredients.
We provided a list of ingredients with links so that teacher could easily order online directly from Coles, Woolworths, or your kitchen's chef helps you order from its supplier.
The cost for rainbow ingredients vary in different seasons.*
*The more students bring the less cost.

Rice Paper Roll Maker Tools

To help kids easily learn and make yummy rice paper rolls, Rolling Fun uses the special-designed rice paper roll maker tool kits. 

We offer two levels of rice paper roll maker tools to your class: (1) tools are used as a shared teaching resource, and (2) take-home tool kit for children.

The tool kits are easily washed by hands by students, or by dishwasher machine. 

Shared-resource Tools
Rice Paper Roll Maker

Tool kits are used as the teaching resource for your centre.
The tool kits are for up to 25 kids in a class.
It includes 5 rice paper water bowls and 25 rice paper trays, for the big size 22cm rice paper.
5 children share a water bowl, and each kid uses a rice paper tray.
Carers can run a workshop anywhere, anytime.
The tool packs are for up to 25 kids.

Take-home tool kit for kid

Children use the tool at class, then they take home the toolkit.
Each student takes home a rice paper tray, for big-size 22cm rice paper.
With this tool, kids can make the rolls at home with their parents.

Other workshop settings